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WINNER  -  Best documentary - Epos International art film festival  -  Israel 2017

WINNER  -  Best documentary - Indie Visions Film Festival  -  August 2019

Best Feature Film  -  DMOFF  -  2020


Best Original Idea  -  Indie Film Awards  -  2020





The Story of Adi Khavous, a musician and extraordinary artist who chose a vagabond lifestyle. Adi left home in Israel and now lives in Canada as a solitary immigrant and rock 'n' roll singer. The film depicts five years of Adi's journey and presents an alternative, off-beat way of life. In his lonesome life, Adi holds on to one dream: to break through as a musician.

This 5 years journey provides a glimpse into an extreme life of a unique artist. By the end of the film, as Adi turns 40, he has a big success in his life but not the one expected.


Scenes that didn’t make the final cut

State-less was created over five years, during which more than 300 hours of raw material were filmed. As the film was filmed from my perspective and also from Adi's, the choice of the final construction of the film, was not easy. In the editing room, we found ourselves with many different stories to tell, as a person's life never tells only one story. The scenes which survived the editing floor are those that serve the narrative. In fact, quite a few good scenes didn't make it to this particular story, and here you can watch three of them.

State-less Documentary
State-less Documentary
State-less Documentary

how it all began

State-less Documentary

Adi and I met in the summer of 2011 in Tel Aviv. I was about to make a video clip and looked for skaters who were prepared to be filmed. I called up skateboard shops in Tel Aviv and inquired for skaters' phone numbers. That is how I got Adi's phone number and how Adi became a skater in the video clip. When we were on set, I noticed that despite his distinct Israeli name, Adi was speaking a mix of Hebrew and English and it aroused my curiosity. When I heard his story, I felt it was excellent material for a film. I was afraid to go for it myself as I didn't have the means. But when I got to know his art, I felt that giving up on this, would be a big mistake. So I bought a shaky video camera with the money I got from my army discharge grant, and decided to hit the road.


Book for screening and discussion with the director


There is an option to book a closed screening event. After the screening, I will share the creative process I went through with the audience, and elaborate on the dilemmas, ups and downs until the film was done. 

The conversation is open for questions and at the end of the event, I will screen additional scenes that didn't make the final cut.

When possible, Adi will join in the event.

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